EP Yuzo Kayama Forever with you TP-4070 Record JP 1965 Lyrics Wakadaisho Series

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Product No.: 40263
【Product Details】
Artist / Yuzo Kayama
Album / Kimi to forever
Model number / TP-4070
Board / black
Type / JP: Domestic edition
Playback method / stereo
Accessories / lyrics
Rank / B / Good No problems with normal use (dirt present → see photo)

The popular Yuzo Kayama's EP record, Kimi to forever, is TP-4070!
Black stereo, domestic edition!
The single "Kimi to Izumo", the theme song for the Wakadaisho series, was a big hit and is still loved today!
Attached are the lyrics.
This is a highly recommended product!

Please take this opportunity! !

I would be happy if you could put it in the hands of those who love music and records and have passion.