About personal information

Art and Beets (hereinafter referred to as follows) will focus on protecting our customers' important personal information and comply with personal information laws and regulations. · About collection of personal information (obtained email address · Credit card information · Address · Name · Customer information such as trading goods) We may collect personal information as needed in the following cases in the following cases . · When inquiring to us · When applying for services to our company, we are limited to other, transactions and payment, delivery, etc. ◇用 We will use personal information for the purpose of using personal information, and we will use the personal information collected from our customers for the following purposes. · For contact with customers · for answers to contact with customers · Disposal of used customer information for service provision for customers · It is already used to execute trading, and for custom-to-use customer information used in the future , Disposal (paper media is completely removed for data, such as shredder and dissolution processing). ◇ With customer information required to leave the customer information and transaction completion, for information necessary for providing after-sales service, limit the access authority and perform strict management such as recording access. increase. ◇ 提供 Providing personal information to third parties We do not disclose or provide personal information acquired from the customer to a third party. However, except for the following. · If you have the consent of the person · In the case of a request from the police · In the case of a request from the government office · If you are subject to the application of the law ◇ 開 Disclosure of personal information, correction, etc. · Our company's own information from the person If you have any request for disclosure, correction, deletion, etc., it will respond. ◇ ◇ 再 We thoroughly re-study staff (all employees, dispatched employees, part-time jobs, outsourcing companies, etc.).そ の そ の そ の そ の others, we comply with the personal information protection law and confirm our provisions, and pay close attention to personal information handling. ◇ 個 Contact for personal information protection TEL & FAX 077-575-0366 E-mail. INFO@artandbeats.jp Art and Beets representative Akaguchi Autumn