Guitar Amplifier Marshall JVM410H Vacuum Tube Head Amplifier 4 Channel Amplifier UK

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Product No: 41587
【Product Details】
Manufacturer / Marshall
Model number / JVM410H
Color / Black
Accessories / Power supply
Rank / B+ / Good No problems with normal use (slight scratches and dirt → photo reference)

This is a Marshall JVM410H head amp!
It has 4 channels: clean, crunch, OD1, and OD2, and each channel has 3 modes of sound.
This unit produces 12 types of all-valve sounds, from crystal clear cleans to bluesy crunches to intense distortions.
Size Length 215mm Width 750mm Height 310mm
The color is stylish black!
There is a power supply included in the accessories!
This is a highly recommended product!

Please take advantage of this opportunity! !
I would be happy if it could be placed in the hands of someone who loves music and is passionate about it.