BANPURESTO QPosket Kimetsu no Yaiba -Akaza- B Figure Original Box 2021 Toy

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  • 通常価格 ¥2,000

Product No.: 39951
【Product Details】
Manufacturer / Banpresto
Model number / QPosket Kimetsu no Yaiba -Akaza- B
Year / 2021
Accessories / original box
Rank / S / As good as new (photo reference)

Unopened beauty product! BANPURESTO's QPosket, Kimetsu no Yaiba -Akaza- B figure!
Kimetsu no Yaiba QPosket Aquarius Sepia Color Ver. All 2 types
The skin is white, the contrast of red, blue, and white, and the eyes that shine golden are greatly emphasized.
The first quarter and third characters are also clearly written!
Size Width 12cm Height 18cm Depth 9cm
The original box is included as an accessory!
This is a highly recommended product!

Please take this opportunity! !
I would be happy if you could put it in the hands of those who love figures and are passionate about them.