Masterpiece EP Yellow Magic Orchestra Technopolis ALR-1016 Record JP Lyrics 1979

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Product No.: 40283
【Product Details】
Artist / Yellow Magic Orchestra
Album / Technopolis
Model number / ALR-1016
Board / black
Type / JP: Domestic edition
Playback method / stereo
Accessories / belt, lyrics, liner None
Rank / B / Good No problems with normal use (dirt present → see photo)

ALR-1016 from the popular Yellow Magic Orchestra EP record, Technopolis!
Black stereo, domestic edition!
YMO, the heavyweight of the Japanese techno world!
The cool sound that does not fade at all is alive and well!

Accessories include belts, lyrics, and liners!
This is a highly recommended product!

Please take this opportunity! !
I would be happy if you could put it in the hands of those who love music and records and have passion.