Electric Guitar Momose Limited MJM-BC'21WSE F TOCHI/NJ Royal Blue Burst

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Product No: 41535
【Product Details】
Manufacturer / momose
Model number / MJM-BC'21WSE F TOCHI/NJ
Neck condition / normal range
String height / 12F approximately 1.5mm
Remaining frets / around 90%
Color / Royal Blue Burst
Accessories / Soft case Arm Hex wrench
Rank / B+ / Good No problems with normal use (slight scratches → photo reference)

Momose, MJM-BC'21WSE F TOCHI/NJ electric guitar!
Momose, a pioneering domestic handmade brand,
The guitar-making know-how that started with acoustic guitars is now being applied to the production of electric guitars.
It has been highly acclaimed for its unique sense of balance, which allows it to accommodate modern playing methods without sacrificing the sound of traditional instruments.
This is a limited edition model that luxuriously uses horse chestnut, a rare material.
The top is made of beautiful heathered flame horse chestnut.
It has an elegant look suitable for a limited edition model.
The fingerboard is made of rare Madagascar rosewood, which is a dense material.
The neck sounds tighter than a normal rose fingerboard,
Combined with the Mojotone/59Clone Jazz Master pickup, which is a faithful reproduction of the original pickup made in 1959, it has good response and resonance.
Although it is a unique wood material, it has a very easy-to-use sound.
The taller frets are up to the 22nd fret, and the fingerboard radius is flat, making it easy to bend when the string height is set low.
It also supports modern playing methods, allowing you to change the sound without disturbing the player's image.
A very attractive piece that is both unique and practical.
Please consider it.
The color is a stylish royal blue burst!
Accessories include a soft case arm and hex wrench!
This is a highly recommended product!

Please take advantage of this opportunity! !
I would be happy if someone who loves musical instruments and is passionate about them could put this in their hands.