Teenage Engineering OP-1 The most fun synth in the world Synthesizer Sequencer Recorder Sampler Soft case

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Product No: 41580
【Product Details】
Manufacturer / Teenage Engineering
Model number / OP-1
Color / white
Accessories / Soft case
Rank / B / Good No problems with normal use (slight scratches and dirt → photo reference)

Teenage Engineering, OP-1 synthesizer!
This is a synth engine with multiple options ranging from 8-bit type to FM.
A sampler that can be easily used using the built-in microphone and FM radio.
Envelopes and effectors that can be controlled by the movement of the main unit using a motion sensor.
A step sequencer that allows you to input data by simply holding down Shift and playing the keys.
And a tape recorder that allows you to reverse and adjust speed as you wish.
It's compact and easy to carry, so you can create songs anywhere you want.
A soft case is included as an accessory!
This is a highly recommended product!

Please take advantage of this opportunity! !
I would be happy if someone who loves musical instruments and is passionate about them could put this in their hands.