Selmer Zodiac Tremolo 50 Fifty MKII Guitar Amp Black Power Footswitch 1960's

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Product No.: 40837
【Product Details】
Manufacturer / Selmer
Model number / Zodiac Tremolo Fifty MK II
Year / 1960's
color / black
Accessories / power supply foot switch
Rank / B / Good No problems with normal use (slightly dirty / net torn / 2 switches missing / when switching * all 3 fly off → see photo)

Selmer, Zodiac Tremolo Fifty MKII amp!
It's a very rare amp made in England, and it's a very beautiful sound with excellent compatibility between clean and tremolo!
It is a historical masterpiece with high rarity!
Accessories include a power footswitch!
This is a highly recommended product!

It will be made in Japan with 100V specifications, so please use your own bolt converter when using it!
* Please use the change adapter!
There is a risk of burning the power supply!

Please take this opportunity! !
I would be happy if you could put it in the hands of those who love musical instruments and have passion.